Intelligent MIG 400DR/500DR
Intelligent MIG synergic solution, Soft-switching inverter technology


Input voltage: 380V±15% 3Phase

Rated output: 400A/17.2KVA / 500A/24KVA   

Output range: 30-400A/30-500A OCV:80V

Wire diameter: 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6

Weight/size (length * width * height): 53kg/700-640-310mm

Application area

The intelligent "MIG400/500DR" adopts advanced network technology to realize remote tracking and monitoring of the welding process by the dispatch center, or upgrade the software version according to customer requirements to reduce maintenance costs and improve work efficiency.

The connection between the welding power source and the robotic arm is the trend of future development. It can be widely used in vehicles, shipbuilding, steel structure and other industries, greatly improving work efficiency. It has a robot communication interface and can be perfectly connected with robots.