Master MIG200DL
Smart synergic adjustment control, Double Pulse function able to work with 5kg wires


Input voltage: 220V ±15% 1Phase

Rated output: 200A  7.7KVA    

Output range: MIG: 30-200A/PULSE MIG: 20-200A/MMA: 20-200A

Wire diameter: 0.8/1.0/1.2

Weight/size (length * width * height): 12kg/635*390*475mm  

Application area

The single-pulse gas shielded welding machine is a welding method that uses pulsed current to achieve droplet transfer. It has no spatter, large penetration, fine grains, high weld strength, and is suitable for all-position welding. It can achieve stability from 20 A to 200 A. High-quality welding, the welding performance is far better than that of ordinary gas shielded welding machines, which is the mainstream direction of welding machine development.

The single-pulse gas shielded welding welding method has very strict requirements for arc energy control. To achieve the purpose of no spatter, short arc and low heat input, the current and voltage of each pulse should be precisely controlled to truly realize the transition of one pulse and one drop to the base value.