ARC 400
Double module IGBT full bridge invert technology

Function: MMA

Input voltage: 380V±15% 3Phase

Rated output: 350A  19.0KVA  

Output range: 25-350A

Weight/size (length * width * height): 16kg/486*213*370mm  

Application area

Wide range of applications, suitable for welding most industrial metals and alloys. The selection of suitable electrodes can not only weld carbon steel, low alloy steel, but also high alloy steel and non-ferrous metals; not only can weld the same metal, but also dissimilar metals, and can also perform cast iron welding repair and various metal materials. Welding, etc. Flexible operation and strong adaptability. 

Electrode arc welding is suitable for welding single or small batches of products, short and irregular welds in any position in space and other welds that are not easy to achieve mechanized welding. Welding can be performed wherever the electrode can reach, with good accessibility and very flexible operation.