TIG 200P/315P ACDC
Multi-waveform output includes AC square wave Zero-crossing current for TIG is 5Amps Smart design with full digital control


Input voltage: 220V ±15% 1Phase / 380V ±15% 3Phase

Rated output: 200A  6.0KVA / 300A  10.6KVA  

Output range: 5-200A / 5-300A

Weight/size (length * width * height): 13.3kg/470*210*410mm  17.0kg/560*210*410mm

Application area

-It is widely used in aerospace industries

-Industries use TIG welding on the thin workpiece, especially nonferrous metals

-It is used in the manufacturing of space vehicles

-TIG welding is suitable on small diameter, thin wall tubing, making it applicable in bicycle industries

-It is used to repair and manufacture works

-The process is used to repair tools and die, especially ones made of aluminum and magnesium.